Episode 9

Embracing God’s Majesty

“When we meditate on God, He becomes the biggest thing in our lives” - Wesleyne

Do you ever meditate on God’s majesty? Sometimes it feels easy to remember how great and powerful He is. Other times, when we fall into a routine and don’t make intentional time for Him, it can feel harder. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, we can all benefit from taking a brief moment to pause and look for God in the world around us. We serve a God who puts beauty in everything, from the smallest details to the biggest, most earth-shatteringly joyful events. God is active and present in every breath we take.

Today, I call upon you to open your eyes and see God’s hand at work in all aspects of your life, both big and small. And it can be those simple reminders of His goodness, creativity, planning and majesty, that can help you to know Him better and feel closer to His heart. These moments, ultimately, should lead you to worship Him. And there’s nothing our Father loves more than for His people to rejoice in His goodness.

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Wesleyne is a single mom of two boys that loves sharing her faith with others. She started this podcast because people kept telling her she had an angelic voice and her prayers blessed them so much.

She spends her time helping leaders unlock what is holding them back personally from succeeding professionally.