Episode 192

We Are One in God

“I’ve shared what God has given me in my heart to share with you“ - Wesleyne

This closing of Season 2 of Love Letters from God serves as a powerful testament to the journey of faith, reflection, and connection that both you and Wesleyne have embarked on together. Through highs and lows, moments of jubilation and periods of anxiety, this season has encapsulated the diverse range of human emotions and experiences, all under the overarching theme of spiritual growth and communion. By sharing what has been placed in her heart, Wesleyne has created a bond, a sense of shared experience and community among you, predicated on trust, mutual respect, and the shared objective of spiritual enrichment. From this heartfelt episode, you will learn several key insights about the intent and impact of this podcast.

Firstly,Wesleyne's deep sense of responsibility and commitment to her calling is evident in her dedication to sharing God's word. The emphasis on taking a break to rejuvenate underscores the value she places on self-care and the need for spiritual renewal to continue being a beacon of hope and encouragement to others. Moreover, her closing prayer highlights an inclusive approach, ensuring that each of you, irrespective of your current state, feels seen, heard, and loved. It will remind you of the power of revisiting moments of inspiration and solace during challenging times, advocating for self-reliance and resilience through faith. Lastly, by referencing the 193 episodes already recorded, Wesleyne indirectly emphasizes the vast reservoir of spiritual nourishment available, ensuring that while there may be a hiatus in new content, the path to enlightenment and comfort remains open to all.

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Wesleyne is a single mom of two boys that loves sharing her faith with others. She started this podcast because people kept telling her she had an angelic voice and her prayers blessed them so much.

She spends her time helping leaders unlock what is holding them back personally from succeeding professionally.